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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of dedicated individuals who live up to our mission statement, “Changing lives by preventing harm and providing hope & healing to hurting children and families.” They volunteer their time and expertise to ensure we stay focused on the children we serve and ways to improve and expand the services we provide. Thank you for your service with us! 

The 2018-2019 Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc. Board of Trustees are: 

Class of 2019

 Mr. James Chaney, Rev. Jeremiah Jasper, Mr. Herb Lambert, Ms. Patricia Rogers, Pastor Melissa White, Mr. J Hunter Williams

Class of 2020

 Mr. John Athey, Ms. Carolyn Bowman, Rev. Paul Rebelo, Pastor Barbara Rexroad, Mr. Kelley Sponaugle

Class of 2021

Ms. Donna Burdock, Rev. Dr. Roy Knight, Rev. Thomas Matthews, Ms. Brenda Rankin, Ms. Kimberly Rolls

Class of 2022 
Mr. Brian Alt, Rev. Thomas Caldwell, Lt. Jamie Carter, Pastor Cheryl George, Pastor Scott Ingleton, Rev. Calvin McCutcheon


 Mr. Michael Price, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, Rev. Ray Stonestreet, Rev. Scott Ferguson,  Rev. Dr. Joseph Kenaston, Ms. Martha Aliff, Ms. Carol Bittinger, Rev. Dr. Ken Krimmel, Ms. Kathie Campbell

Lifetime Honorary Members 

 Rev. A.C. Agnew, Rev. Richard Longbon

Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Board Officers

 Mr. J. Hunter Williams, Rev. Dr. Roy Knight, Ms. Carolyn Bowman, Mr. James Chaney