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Student Intervention

The BUMFS Student Attendance Assistant Program emphasizes early intervention and prevention of truancy related issues for over 4,000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade in seven (7) Monongalia County Elementary Schools.

The Student Attendance Assistant team is made up of 3 social workers:

• Cheryl Skeen, BSW, LSW, Program Supervisor

• Nicole Stolzenbach, MSW, LCSW,

• Michelle McGilton, MSW, LGSW,

The SAA Program enforces the State and County Attendance policy and focuses on proactive strategies to increase student attendance in Monongalia County, WV schools. The SAA’s work closely with students, school administrators, teachers and parents. By monitoring school wide and individual student attendance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and by implementing positive programming and incentives, the SAA’s are able to effectively address and improve both student and school wide student attendance in grades K-5.   

2018 UMA

In 2018, the BUMFS Student Attendance Assistant Program was nominated for and very honored to win the United Methodist Association’s (UMA) Best Practice Award for the year. The award was announced and presented to the SAA program at the UMA National Convention in Nashville.