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Success Stories

    Steven became homeless at the age of twelve. He lived under a bridge, slept on porches, couches, even in a boat. He slept anywhere he could find. His parents’ rights were terminated when he was 13. His father and mother spent time in and out of jail. He tried to live with his dad, but his dad wasn’t around much. Steven spent time at a Center for drug rehab. Although he wasn’t using, he would always tell the case workers that the drugs and needles belonged to him. He would however, pass the drug test. He said that he just didn’t want the other residents to get thrown out of the program. He ran away from this center, but after several weeks he was found and brought back. He then went to a child care center, but ran away from there after three months. Steven’s next stop was a 45 day stay in a hospital. Then he went on to a center in Tennessee where he went through their program for a year and a half. His last stop was Burlington. He was dropped off by his case worker at the Burlington Summer Camp in July of 2012. Steven was 15 years old. He then lived on the Burlington Campus where he progressed to the Transitional Living Program in Keyser. He learned life skills and responsibilities including cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting, interviewing for a job and so much more. He also obtained his driver’s license while at TL. Steven is currently a senior at Keyser High School where he has a 3.75 grade average and plans on attending Potomac State College to study engineering. He is employed by the local Pizza Hut as an excellent waiter. His tip money has been an asset toward paying his bills.

    Through the help of Burlington, Steven receives assistance from Transitional Living for cookware and other necessities. Steven has been blessed with many friends who have helped him enjoy life events including going to the prom and spending several weeks with the John Droppleman family where Steven absolutely loved John’s cooking. Steven is currently living in an apartment centrally located in Keyser. So even if his car is broken down, which it has been, he can walk to work, the grocery store and Potomac State College.

    “Tonya” was an eleven year old girl who was placed in our Level 3 Kitzmiller Program with serious emotional and behavioral issues. At the time of admission, this young lady displayed self-injurious behaviors and was both verbally and physically aggressive on almost a daily basis. Other behaviors, included spitting, biting, taking off her clothes, and running away from adult supervision. Due to the severity of her issues, this youth had to be physically restrained on a regular basis. At one point, her behaviors were so severe that a more secure placement was being discussed. Fortunately, after a year’s worth individual therapy, structure, individualized behavior programming, and ongoing support from staff, this young lady was stable enough to begin visiting with prospective foster to adopt families. Due to her significant progress and increased ability to manage her mood and behavior consistently, she completed our level 3 program and was discharged to an adoptive family. Several months into her adoptive placement, “Tonya” is thriving and doing well.

    “Marcia” came to our Transitional Living Program after completing our Level 2 Girls’ Program in Keyser. When she first arrived, she seemed to possess low self esteem and lack confidence in her abilities. Through the support of our staff and program, Marcia slowly began to grown in her self confidence and come to the realization that she could have a bright future. She steadily progressed through Phase 1 of the Transitional Living Program and earned her way into a Phase 2 apartment, a semi-independent living situation. During this experience, Marcia continued to develop her independent living skills and was able to become more self reliant. She also continued to progress in therapy as she learned to overcome past issues that had troubled her for so long. She also grew in her ability to trust others. This allowed her to develop a new and positive perspective on her life which helped her to strive for her future goals. While in placement, Marcia was able to attend her senior prom, graduate from high school, take her ACT’s, and enroll in college. At the time of her discharge, Marcia was preparing to enter college and continue her pursuit of her career goals. She is now attending college and well on her way to creating a bright a successful future.