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WV Impact

WV Impact Program Coordinator Multigenerational Family Service Goals Include, but not limited to the following:

• Access to primary care services
• Access to mental health services
• Access to developmental screening
• Assessment and treatment of maternal depression
• Assessment and treatment for substance abuse
• Access to comprehensive services
• Educational and job training opportunities for adults
• Substance abuse programs/clinics

Provides screenings & assessments for, but not limited to, the following:

• Developmental delays
• Depression
• Substance abuse
• Interpersonal violence
• General social service needs
• Housing
• Utilities
• Transportation
• Food needs/insecurity
• Vocational/educational assessments
• TABE- test of adult basic education
• LNS- Learning Needs Assessment
• Support/referral with WIPA- Work Incentive Planning & Assistance
• Utilization of WVUCED- West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
• Communicate with others organizations to ensure needs are met and not duplicated
• Anxiety Assessment
• Updated screening/training on discussing domestic abuse/violence
• HURT, Insulted, Threatened with Harm, and Screened (HITS) domestic violence tool

Program Coordinator will also perform/assist with:

• Conduct home visits
• Service care plans will be reviewed every 90 days and updated
• Program workers will be responsible for attending monthly community meetings with program partners
• Meet/contact with the client a minimum of twice a month
• Create a service care plan for each client
• Advocate for the family, help provide a voice and choice
• Make referrals to outside agencies and other resources to assist the family
• Actively assist the family in progressing the goals and services outlined in their care plans
• Provide and conduct screenings and assessments
• Assist in coordinating service delivery
• Promote medical and dental healthcare hygiene/needs/services
• Address the multi-generational concerns, issues, challenges in the home
• Provide quality service to the whole family
• Gather as much information as possible while in the family’s home environment
• Be able to provide transportation to the family, individually and or as a unit
• Educate the family/caregiver about access to resources
• Provide education to the families on addiction, parenting, positive behavior support, nutrition, health, hygiene, abuse, finance, infant care, mental health, and etc.
• Inform & educate on the utilization of local food pantries, churches, community centers, & pregnancy centers
• Assist the family/caregiver in obtaining drivers licensing to increase independence
• Will function as a liaison, an advocate, research options/treatments, create service care plans to facilitate appropriate delivery of health & services.
• The worker will tailor the care plans for each individual
• Identify gaps in services, communicate those gaps with management/supervisor, other agencies, & the WVUCED team
• Be able to transport client to DMV and client to use company vehicle to take test

West Virginia Impact Program through Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc.

• The purpose of the program is to develop a collaboration between programs, providers, & experts to address challenges
• BUMFS agency will achieve this goal by expanding community outreach, strengthening partnerships with other agencies/organizations, attending CPS meetings, and coordinators will attend various trainings
• Agency emphasizes communication and a key component of this program is providing services for a diverse myriad of needs, offered to anyone in these multigenerational settings 

Who can refer & how:

• An individual or family unit can self-refer
• Other agencies (healthcare, CPS, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, schools, organizations, physicians, NICU, counselors, mental health providers and more!)
• Phone call/fax/email and a worker completes phone referral form
• BUMFS NAS can develop and provide outside agencies with official referral forms that can be completed and submitted to BUMFS via mail/fax/email or hand off to coordinator
• Referrals are to be reciprocal as appropriate
• If a child or caregiver meets the requirements of multiple programs, then participation in each program is not only acceptable but STRONGLY encouraged